About our company

Upgrade Storage is a Belgian manufacturer and turnkey installer of industrial, large size tanks and silos used for the handling, processing and storage of liquid and bulk goods. We design, build and maintain storage tanks made from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our innovative working methods and technical expertise enables us to guarantee high quality systems. Read more about our methods.

As a division of the Upgrade Energy Group, a comprehensive partner in the area of energy consulting and implementation of integrated energy solutions, we have both the technical and operational expertise to manage our projects efficiently. With headquarters in Belgium and offices in Poland, China, Croatia and Turkey our group is well represented internationally and ensures local presence, expertise and project development. Visit group website.

About our team

In 2014 Johan Reynvoet, Raf Vermeire and Piet De Roover joined their forces and entered the market with this new concept. They look back on 25 years of experience in the construction of large size storage tanks, silo’s and the manufacturing of tankers and trailers. Upgrade Storage cooperates with world leading experts in the field of tank construction and safely delivers superior results, even in the most challenging environments.